About Safe the Dance

Safe the Dance seeks to raise awareness about discrimination and diversity, making these topics accessible to everyone regardless of their prior knowledge. Our emphasis is on promoting a culture of learning while also encouraging people to take responsibility for mistakes and discriminatory behaviour. Marginalized groups experience discrimination like racism, ableism or sexism daily, no matter where they go. To prevent this as much as possible and handle incidents, we believe that every organization and event should have a safer space concept in place. Our intersectional and interdisciplinary team is well-equipped to examine your issues in detail and provide customized recommendations for you. We can help you evaluate your current diversity efforts, both on and off-stage, and identify ways to improve. Our range of services includes comprehensive packages starting with creating a code of conduct / safer space policy and help to implement it to on-site training and materials, individual workshops, all tailored to fit your needs and budget. We also offer workshops, talks, and can curate events, panels, think tanks, or hackathons for you. As our team has more than 10 years of music industry experience – from label services, to festival production and conference curation, we also offer music industry know how – always with social change at heart.


Workshops / talks / think tank topics

We can customize any of these topics for you and also combine them, providing the right input for your audience and needs.

  • Creating Safer Spaces an introduction (for organizers, musicians or guests)
  • Safer Spaces: How to handle incidents
  • Bystander & Allyship Training
  • How to diversify your booking and touring
  • How to get started: starting a band, booking tours, tour management (optional for women and gender minorities only)
  • Safety in and through collectives
  • Safety First: events and German event law (Hausrecht)
  • Diversity sensitive language and inclusive promotion / Language and diversity
  • Best practices IDE in the music industry
  • Empowerment for FINTA+ (Women, Inter, Nonbinary, Agender) in the Music (Industry)
  • Diversity in organizations and teams
  • Bodypositivity and Instagram
  • How to network & work collectively in feminist contexts
  • Noise as a Voice of Resistance
  • Squirt ain’t pee – About female ejaculation
  • DJ* workshop for beginners with DJ double u cc
  • Concerts & events in public space & off locations
  • Grant proposal writing in practice
  • DIY Concerts and Events
  • Showcase Festivals 101
  • Tourbooking Focus Europe or Germany
  • More than just the music – on the importance of social change topics at festivals
  • Artist Career Mapping – How to built your career
  • Digital release strategies for newcomers (with/without label)

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