A (Stage/Technical/Catering) Rider is a document that describes the (technical/general/food) requirements and wishes of artists, e.g. type of accommodation, what kind of food, drinks etc. The riders are usually part of the contract between artist and organizer. If conditions are not met, this may constitute a breach of contract, which may lead to the cancellation of the concert.

An inclusion and diversity rider is an opportunity to take responsibility for making the music industry safer, more inclusive and diverse.

In the best case, it is part of the artist’s contract and can include anything from safer space policies to decibel restrictions or an alcohol-free event. Items can be mandatory or optional. We have compiled some possible points here, which you can select individually. We are also happy to receive further ideas!

Safer Space Policy / Code of Conduct

  • We are happy if you train yourselves and your team in terms of awareness, inclusion, anti-discrimination and diversity and thus contribute to a great experience for all guests.
  • If you do not have a safer space concept, we ask you to work something out in advance, a guide for the first steps can be found in our safer space guide

Safer Space Poster

  • For the evening of the performance we ask you to have safer space posters visible at the venue, if you don’t have your own you can download ours here.

Code of Conduct

  • We ask you to add a Code of Conduct to the ticketing and to include the short text in all event descriptions. We would like you to put the complete text on your website and link to it.

Support Bands
We would be happy if women / gender minoritues, BIPoC and LGBTIQ people are booked for support slots – multiple marginalized groups will be preferred.


  • We do not play festivals that have less than 30% FLINTA+ artists* booked.
  • Additionally, we do not play venues with staff or artists* with a known and provenhistory of sexual or discriminatory violence. This includes song lyrics.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or terminate our performance in the event of anincident.

Pronouns & Gender Identity

  • Our rider includes all of the touring party ́s pronouns, we ask that you look at them beforehand and respect them.
  • Please do not infer the other person’s gender identity from their physical appearance. Just because you read someone as male or female does not mean that person identifies that way.

Unisex restrooms

  • To ensure the safety of trans and non-binary people, we ask that all restrooms be unisex on the night of our performance. You can download a template here. If you are unable to do so we have a poster template here with a request for tolerance.

Social tickets

  • We are happy if you offer reduced or free tickets for low-income people and thus make culture possible for everyone.Get Home Safe PotInclusion
  • We would appreciate it if the venue is barrier-free (for guests as well as artists – please also think about the stage!) and if you inform people about this on your website.
  • Necessary aids of people with disabilities should receive a free ticket.
  • We ask you to refrain from using strobe lights and similar lighting effects in order tobe considerate of people with photosensitivity (e.g. epileptics).

Gender Pay Gap

  • The organizer commits to pay the same for the same work (e.g. similar slots or the same employee positions) and thus to contribute to the reduction of the gender pay gap.Compatibility of family and career● If needed, a babysitter will be provided by the organizer for the duration of the show (including sound check). Alternatively, a buy out is available.


  • Please provide free tap water at the bar
  •  Please provide free or low cost hearing protection for guests
  • If possible, please provide free hygiene products in all toilets
  • We would like a maximum decibel number at shows:
  • We would like to see an alcohol-free show
  • We wish for a smoke-free show
  • We would like to see non-discriminatory and sensitive announcements (e.g. do not reduce women to appearance, ask for pronouns beforehand, etc)
  • We welcome a separate dressing room situation or movable walls to change unobserved
  • We welcome diversity in the team on site
  • Drug consumption in the backstage area is not desired (alternatively, set up consumption rooms or a quiet and a party backstage).
  • Boundaries (physical and emotional) are to be respected
  • Please ensure that everyone’s personal space is respected.
  • We wish for respectful interactions with each other
  • Person XY asks not to be touched, this includes shaking hands