We are an agency for inclusion, diversity, equity as well as music industry know how. Our goal is to prioritize inclusion, diversity, and intersectionality, recognizing that many people experience multiple forms of discrimination.  We aim to make necessary knowledge easily accessible through providing training and resources, giving talks and workshops and more. We believe that focusing on the positive aspects of safer spaces, such as recognizing the needs and boundaries of all individuals, will lead to better experiences for everyone. Our aim is an inclusive society where we all feel respected ad are united in solidarity.

Our services include

  • Creating a safer space policy / a code of conduct with your event in mind
  • Coaching a safer space team (on site or in advance) or providing a team for your event
  • Providing you with checklists and manuals to ensure everything is running smoothly
  • Creating safer space posters, flyers and graphics
  • Organizing an IDE day with workshops & talks
  • Hosting an IDE info point at your event
  • Creating artistic interactive elements for your audience to start reflecting the status quo
  • Diversity sensitive coaching & evaluation
  • Consult on music industry topics like booking, funding, label services and more.
  • Diversity-sensitive organisational development
  • Speaking on panels or giving talks and workshops at conferences

Target groups

In general, we are open to everyone who wants to create safer spaces and work on more diversity, we work with a wider variety of organizations from music industry, theatre, to cities or hospitals. We are happy to provide services for any level from team members, to guests or CEOs  – just get in touch.