Join us for an evening of amazing music for our Official SXSW Music Showcase “Beyond Gender” at Innovation Bridge Europe House on March 15th, 19:45-1:00AM featuring La Ren, Philine Sonny, Surma, Giungla, DJ Sally Brown – presented by Keychange U.S. and Safe the Dance!

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Philine Sonny (Indie-Pop)

Philine Sonny’s love for music combined with her vulnerable and honest demeanor shines through in her lyrics. She addresses insecurities and everyday topics that are relatable and close to people’s hearts. On the thin line in between real and the imaginary, Philine finds her stories in the modesty of everyday life and with a key role of her immediate environment in her lyrics she challenges existing norms and systems through a self-critical, anxiety ridden perspective. Wherever she is in the circle of life, whenever she feels the fear of losing & finding herself again, Philine draws inspiration from her feelings and awakens people’s long abandoned emotions with her music. 

Surma (Avant / Experimental)

Chosen by NPR’s Bob Boilen as one of the best discoveries from SxSW 2018, Surma is inspired by silence to create her own universe of songs in jazz, electronics, and a multiplicity of influences to explore paths that are not always obvious, but with a strong identity, her own phonetics, and unique moments that can take us from the nordic fjords to cosmopolitan cities. Alone on stage, surrounded by a dozen instruments and with her voice, the Portuguese eclectic composer shapes her own sonic universe
The debut “Antwerpen” took her to a three years tour from London’s 100 Club to NOS Primavera Sound or from New York or Sao Paulo to China or South Korea.

Giungla (Rock)

GIUNGLA is Ema Drei, Italian-born singer-songwriter based in Milan.
There is not much info out there on GIUNGLA, who tends to let her music do the talking, but her name reveals a glimpse of her world. Giungla in Italian means ‘jungle’. In this sort of tangled-happy-place, minimal pop songs with an in your face attitude have come alive. Imagine them discovered this way, as if they were torn and shredded into a million pieces fighting a battle of mixed emotions inside herself. GIUNGLA is fast developing a reputation for her breathtaking and visceral live show. After collaborating on a couple of singles with producer Luke Smith (Depeche Mode, Foals, Anna Of The North), for her second EP she teamed-up with Andrew Savours, known for his work with My Bloody Valentine, The Kills, Black Country New Road. Currently she’s working on her debut album.


Le Ren (Folk)

Le Ren’s close-to-the-bone, heartbreak folk songs seem, at first, to tap into a shared musical memory. A melody swirls forward and you’re just sure it’s known to the back of your mind; was it in from a movie you saw, some classic mid-60s setpiece? Maybe it’s something you heard as a kid, in the backseat of your mom’s Cutlass, or the shotgun seat of your own. But before you can zero in through the fog, your heart is torn apart by her voice — rich, direct and mellifluous — steering you through these slowburn tunes about real-life loss.